Why does the mushroom always get invited to parties? Because he's a FUN-gi! I know that was cheesy, but food can provide a GRATE time! 

Alright but all jokes aside, one of my favorite elements of a party is the food. Not just because food tastes great, but because you can choose food options that just enhance the FUN theme that you've chosen.

Since we've just launched our first collections, we thought we could share some cute ideas for snacks and food, and tablescapes to complement our themes. We've used our creativity (and Pinterest) to create these ideas to enhance your party theme. If you have ideas of your own, share photos with us and tag us on Instagram! 

Airplanes: Everyone needs in-flight snacks.

Propellers: Either pinwheels or taquitos make a perfect propeller station. 

Airplane Wings: Use triangle shaped crackers, Buegels, or another fun snack as airplane wings!

Tires: Create a "Spare Tire" pile with chocolate mini donuts or Oreos! 

Clouds: Blue cotton candy or marshmallows make a perfect cloud-like treat!

In-Flight Snacks- Peanuts, pretzels or cookies are the usual in-flight snacks.

Baggage Claim: Gift bags or party favors set up in baggage claim is just a cute extra addition to the airplane party theme.

First Class: You can get creative, whether it's a champagne bar or desserts, you can use a First-Class bar for another fun station.


Ballerina Bites: Dip the top of a large marshmallow on a stick in frosting and use pink, purple, or gold sprinkles. Use a cupcake liner for the tutu. Poke a hole in the center and put it upside down underneath the marshmallow.

Ballerina Slippers: Strawberries or Rice Krispies can make for some cute ballerina slippers! For the Strawberries, dip entire strawberry in vanilla frosting and carefully use pink sprinkles on the bottom and outsides to make a slipper like shape in sprinkles. Use crumbled graham cracker crumbles in the center for the foot, and for an extra touch take a skinny pink frosting dispenser to draw two ribbon ties across the ballet slipper. If you're talented with decorating, you could also use melted white chocolate and melted chocolate with food coloring to make these as well. For the Rice Krispies, you'll make the Rice Krispies, then shape them into ballerina slippers. Then melt white chocolate, and die pink, or purple, or any color of your choosing! Dip the bottom and sides, and carefully draw 2 ballet slipper ribbons in white chocolate on the slippers.

Tutus: Use jars and pink, purple or another color tulle and then ribbon to glue the tulle around the jar, and then tie the ribbon around the top with a bow. These can be used for MANY different snacks, yogurts, and more for another cute touch!

Treats: Pirouettes- Hazelnut pirouettes are a perfect treat that fits the theme and add some pink frosting or melted pink chocolate for even more fun! Plie Pies- Just sounds cute, whether you buy small store-bought pies, or make your own, this is another cute treat for your party! Pink Wafer Cookies look wonderful on a ballerina table spread, and feel free to add lots of ribbon around many of your treats and snacks.

Decoration: In addition to the cute decor we've offered, if you want to add a touch more, utilize ribbons, and tulle on your napkins and tie them ahead of time, or use tulle and wrap around the bottoms of your gift, food and beverage tables.


Life Savers- Wrap your napkins with silverware, twine and life savers for the cutest touch. But also, donuts with white frosting and little red accents to look like a life saver are also an adorable touch! Also, can use Peachie-O's for a sweet treat and label, Flotation Devices.

Licorice Knots- Tie licorice into knots like a rope, and display on a tray.

Buoy Skewers: Sliced bananas, strawberries and large marshmallow on a skewer can make for a cute buoy looking snack. Could also do buoy balls and utilize donut holes.

Sailboats: For a large center piece, you can use a large bread bowl and dips like a spinach dip and place a large stick with sail (paper) for a large sailboat appetizer. For another large sailboat you can use a watermelon, cut the watermelon so it acts as a bowl, fill with fruit or just watermelon, and then make a sale on a stick to turn your watermelon into a sailboat. Also, you can make mini sailboats with deviled eggs, and either a Dorito for the sail, or a triangular sliced pepper. AND another cute idea is put a piece of basil on the bottom of a toothpick, on top of that place a grape tomato, and then cut fresh mozzarella into triangles for a yummy snack and use a small bowl for balsamic dip for these little snacks. OR deviled eggs with pepper sails.

Sand Cups: Granola in cups with a yogurt bar for a make your own yogurt parfait can be cute. Or you can use crushed graham crackers and pudding.

Anchor Platter: You can make an anchor with vegetables, cheese or snack meat, or fruits for a cute snack platter as well.

Decor: Use tan netting, tan or white rope for more decorative accents.


Build Your Own: Create a Taco or Burger Build Your Own Tacos or Burger bar for the perfect builder meal.

Caution Cones: A bowl of Nacho Doritos are perfect orange cones, or use Buegels, or another triangular snack.

Steel Beams: Large pretzel sticks piled up for a stack of beams.

Caution Loose Gravel: Granola, M&Ms, peanuts, and other small snacks can work for your Loose Gravel.

Nuts & Bolts: Chex Mix is a great snack bowl, labeled nuts and bowls.

Boulders: Donut holes, chocolate covered treats, or candies that are round can make for a great boulder pile.

Decor: Use toy bulldozers and other construction vehicles for fun table accents!

Butterfly Collection:

We love the caterpillar and butterfly food ideas! You can make caterpillar caprese, or fruit caterpillars with grapes! Gummy worms! A Butterfly Making Station can be a great and fun snack, AND activity for kids! Celery with peanut butter, raisins down the center, and pretzels for the wings? Or Cupcakes frosted, and cut strawberries, kiwis, or raspberries for wings! Also, butterfly cookie decorating, or use those cookie cutters for sandwich cutouts!


AND who doesn't love a mudpie?! These are great for butterfly parties, or a Fairy Garden Party!


Car Collection

Stoplights: Cut a Rice Krispie bar or a brownie into rectangles. Take a red, yellow and green M&M, simply press it down and you have a cute, fun stoplight dessert! Or for a healthier version, use red, yellow and green fruit on skewers! Or red, yellow and green peppers,

Cars: I've never made either of these, but you could get creative easily! Use mini-Oreos for the tires, M&M's for the headlights, and perhaps a licorice string for the steering wheel. AND, if you are looking for a fun activity for kids, you could create a "Make Your Own Racecar" station and allow the kids to use their creativity and make a Rice Krispie race car of their own! Highly recommend doing this outside, or on a surface that is easily cleaned. :) OR you could make small rectangular sandwiches, and use pickle rounds or cucumbers for the tires, stick on using butter, mayo or cream cheese and there you have a cute car sandwich!

Tires: Create a "Spare Tire" pile with chocolate mini donuts or Oreos! 

Steering Wheels: Pinwheel wraps are perfect for your table, pile them up on a platter as steering wheels!

Beverage Station: Otherwise known as fueling station, you can get creative with your drink bar also! Anti-freeze, otherwise known as blue Gatorade or motor oil, purple Gatorade. Have fun with all the drink labels!



Perhaps a garden party table with pixie sticks & lady bugs. Little Babybel Cheese can make great lady bugs and mushrooms! Make your food into a shape! Deviled eggs shaped in a flower, or fruit and veggies! 



Create a bate or spam station stocked with gummy worms and Swedish fish. Gold Fish of COURSE. Pretzel sticks could make a perfect fishing pole. Donuts make great flotation devices! Or little lifesavers! Babybel Cheese Bobbers, and of course making fish shaped fruit or veggies trays!




Alicia Metzen
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