We LOVE keeping our toddlers busy. When they are busy, it leaves less time for meltdowns and mischief! If you know, you know! So we love to set up activities at our kiddo parties. It's also a great and inexpensive way to throw a party! We will share some of our favorite party activities that pair with our collections!


ALL parties can easily have a fun food decorating station, whether it's a cookie with little frosting bowls, a cupcake, or build your own pizza! We also LOVE bounce houses, and of course craft stations with coloring book pages and markers.


Airplane: Build your own Airplane! Whether it's a paper plane, or one of the many plane crafts that Amazon has to offer, this is a fun activity that will keep them busy as your littles will try to get their planes to take flight! Pin the Propeller is another great airplane activity! 


Cars: Again, a build your own car whether it's with a rice Krispy and mini oreos, or using household items! Toilet paper rolls make a great base, and tires can be may things, but my favorite are the round pouch tops, which I usually serve for the littles at our parties, so a great way to re-use our materials!


Butterfly/Fairy: Make your own butterfly or fairy wings is a great and fun activity for kids! Planting a seed also is a great compliment to a Fairy or butterfly Garden Party, or butterfly party! Perhaps planting a seed that attracts butterflies

Alicia Metzen