We want to spread joy to children, we want to bring happiness to families and caregivers, and provide relief to children and their families in difficult times.

A big part of our brand story...

Picture this, our founder had just watched her 4 day old son go through heart surgery, hooked up to monitors, swollen, chords draped all over his tiny little body. Praying her little man continues to recover and remain healthy, healing from birth, she walks to grab water from down the hall in the cardiology unit. She looks to her right and sees the sweetest, small little girl in a room on her own. The next day when walking passed, she sees the same thing. And the third day she sees a nurse taking this quiet and adorable toddler for a walk. She couldn't have been older than 3. It turns out, this sweet young lady was no stranger to the cardiology unit. She was in her room alone, and received daily visits from social workers because she was an orphan. 


In that very moment our owner's world was SHOOK. With a heart to serve, but actions that didn't align with her vision of impact on this world, she decided to take action. 


This company was built and founded to make change. We are just beginning, but we have big plans to change so many lives, and bring joy to children just like that sweet little 3 year old girl. We want to make joyous imprints in the lives of children, memories they will cherish forever and bring smiles and laughter to kids everywhere.


So thanks for being here, thanks for supporting us, and we cannot wait to spread joy to millions in this world.