We love a bright and beautiful fruit pizza, an American flag cake, and a red, white and blue charcuterie, but perhaps our FAVORITE dessert of all was introduced at a book club based on a TikTok video found by the host. And it has become a STAPLE to bring to pool parties, barbecues, and of course our fourth of July celebration! 💙

This is a simple, fun and surprisingly delicious snack with only a few ingredients. :) 

There are different ways to mix up this scrumptious treat, but we will show the basic & popular version that makes a PERFECT patriotic party side. 🇺🇸

You'll need the following:


⭐️  Strawberries 

⭐️  Graham Crackers

⭐️  Frosting


That's it!! :)



Mash graham crackers in a plastic bag into crumbs, and pour into a bowl. Set aside.

Hull the strawberries, and cut out a circle in center, and use a spoon to empty the interior of the strawberry, allowing enough room to stuff it with frosting! :)

Take a spoon, and fill the center with frosting of your choice, we love vanilla, buttercream, or chocolate!

Dip the strawberry carefully into graham cracker crumbs so frosting doesn't slide out!

Voi-la! A delicious treat!

You can use blueberries, patriotic sprinkles, or food coloring to turn these snacks even more festive!

Alicia Metzen
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